Managlitsa Bone in Roast Pork Butt ( 5lb)

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This is an old world breed of pig, one of the original farm breeds and was indigenous to Hungary. Its name means" hog with a lot of lard". Ours comes from small farm in Northern California where the hogs are are allowed to roam free and feed naturally. Being a small farm supplies are limited.

 Once valued in 18th and 19th century for its lard, it soon fell out of favor as lard became less widely used. In the early 1990s there were only 198 pigs left worldwide. Since then, with a little help, this small wooly pig has been brought back from the brink and is now highly prized for its rich marbled meat and fattiness. Some have even promoted this hog as the wagyu of pork, and rightly so.

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