Payusnaya ( Caviar Paste) 1.75oz

Payusnaya ( Caviar Paste) 1.75oz

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An age-old Russian tradition, Payusnaya was traditionally produced with second grade eggs, harvested from overly mature sturgeon, and its recipe contained a high salt content which resulted in a bold fishy flavor. 

Acquiring the original recipe from Russian specialists, Calvisius’ caviar team developed their Payusnaya by mastering the Russian technique of lightly salting the eggs and hanging them in a linen bag to drain excess moisture.

Only premium grade Pacific White Sturgeon caviar is used, which lends a consistently smooth, creamy flavor; the result is a unique caviar paste that boasts intense, pure aromas.

How to serve: bring to near room temperature and spread on bread, toast points, blinis or canapés like the Russians have done for decades.

 Recipe: Omelette with Pressed Caviar, Smoked Salmon and Creme Fraiche


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